Our Mission

Recognizing that each of the persons that we serve is unique, Capital Care Inc. strives to provide him or her with a positive and supportive environment that nurtures and integrates his or her living, working, and learning as valued and valuable members of the community. The agency will provide person-centered services to persons of differing abilities that will focus on one-on-one supports to foster and broadened more inclusive communities through education, training and advocacy. Capital Care Inc. helps to create a personal path to independence by seeing abilities, not disabilities. The agency strives to provide quality, individualized services to beneficiaries through which their greatest potential toward independent living and integration can be obtained. This is realized through the provision of comprehensive services and supports that encourage participants to choose where and how they live, learn, socialize and work

The agency aims at assisting people achieve their personal goals and reach their maximum potential. Services are customized to offer beneficiaries and families choices and opportunities.